• Mayor James De Young
  • Councilor William Wehr
  • Councilor David Hadley
  • Councilor Richard Johnson
  • Councilor Jeanne Robinson
  • Councilor Mark Fitz
  • Councilor Andrew Morrison

City of Damascus Core Values

Below are the Core Values of the City of Damascus, Oregon. Though as a City we have seen a rocky path, the statement below of why a local City of Damascus was formed are as true today as in 2012 when adopted.

(Adopted by Resolution 12-304 on May 7th, 2012)

Well-designed Communities. We value attractive, vibrant, and sustainable communities developed in an environmentally responsible manner and where people have the opportunity to live, work, play, shop, and learn.

In these communities, we value:

An efficient, safe, convenient and financially feasible system of transportation with choices for all users.

A diverse range of new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses.

The sense of community created by providing places for people to gather, to participate in caring for the community, and to celebrate Damascus.

Rural Character. We value the rural character of Damascus, which is retained and integrated with urban development as growth occurs.

Environmental Stewardship. We value the wise stewardship of natural areas and resources for current and future generations.

Economic Fairness. We value respecting the rights of all private property owners while working to achieve the long-term vision for the community.