Damascus City Council will have a Council meeting, Thurs, 7 pm, May 7, 2020, via Zoom (as authorized by the Governor for public meetings). Attached is the agenda. Anyone wishing to join the meeting as a guest should prior to the meeting click on this link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6424160559?pwd=dm43U1J4TDlFa01uVFlQaDRQN3QyZz09

 (per Damascus Council Rules 2.2.2)

May 7, 2020 – 7:00 pm

Zoom Video Conference for City Council


I. Call to Order: Roll Call of Those Present

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Additions or Changes to the Agenda

IV. Consent Agenda (to approve minutes of 2-20-20 by motion)

V. Council Business

 1. Report on financial state of the City: balance at Banner Bank: $ 470; status of CIS insurance (funds to cover thru April, short $52). Two mons left.                     

2. Report on legal actions

a.         Briefs before the State Supreme Court re. SB 226 (Oregon Law 545): Review: facts required by Special Master submitted Dec 9, 2019 by City Atty; submission of new brief on Jan 29; City motion to supplement brief of 1-29-20 with emails, submitted on 1-29-20; Supreme Ct order granting motion to supplement, 2-13-20;  State response, 3-12-20; reply by City  3-26-20; both sides agreed not to have oral arguments. Decision??

b.         Atty fees for all legal briefs approaching $160 k.

3.         Other challenges: Response of Co Tax Assessor re. our notification of boundary change; St revenue sharing?       

4.         Report on fund-raising appeal for donations: in 2019, $5120 (corrected from $5220 of 1-30-20); in 2020: $1450  

5.         Discussion of how to improve communications. Ideas?

a.         New additions/postings to City website (www.damascusoregon.city): video

b.         History of recent legal challenges doc on web site   

6.         Comprehensive planning by Happy Valley: on hold pending the Supreme Ct decision

7.         Status of old fire station as a City Council mtg place: available but not during pandemic   

8.         Miscellaneous: Day in Damascus, July 25, cancelled

9.         Meeting times for City Council (third Thurs of month); interrupted by pandemic.

10.       Appointment of planning commission: (members: Doug Walker; Kerry Montgomery; Debra Watt; Steve Hoiland); everything on hold due to pandemic  

11.       Preparation for budget for fiscal year (7-1-20 to 6-30-21): instructions to Budget Comm; Com: John Fromwiller (chair; 3); Jay Robinson (3); Joe Kelly (2); Kerry Montgomery (2); [off: Jeanne Robinson (3); Monique Johnsen (1); Brian Pugh (1)]           

12.       Appointment of new Budget Com members to fill 3 vacancies:                                           

VI. Councilor Comments

VII. Adjourn

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