As the mayor of Damascus, I, James De Young, in concert with the City Council, declare an emergency situation for the City. This action reflects the national emergency declared by President Trump and the various decrees from Governor Brown. At least through March and April, city council meetings are cancelled and so also planning commission meetings. The latter could set up phone conferencing if Mark Fitz is able to participate.

Our commitment is to our people and we want to assist especially our senior citizens. The City will serve as a conduit or contact for anyone having special needs and has no other person on whom to call. Contact the city website and/or call me at 503-658-2886. The web site is “” We will also post there special announcements regarding food and emergency supplies and other critical announcements.

As a reminder, we still have a need for additional donations to support the insurance that we have for the City, to cover us for the months of February and March.

Finally, our City attorneys are putting together our reply (due March 26) to the State’s brief that the State submitted (on March 10) as a response to our brief submitted to the State Supreme Court over the constitutionality of SB 226—which seeks again to terminate the City. Anyone wanting a copy of the State’s brief, let me know and I will forward it.

James De Young

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