Halloween is nearing, and as we think of costumes, decorations, and the arrival of Trick or Treaters at our doors, we also know that this time of year brings out vandals and thieves. Add that to the concern in Damascus over the increasing number of homeless people, and what should be a time of fun and laughter can end up with a bashed in mail box, a vehicle missing a battery or sound system, broken windows, finding a transient sleeping in your shed, or tipped over headstones at the Damascus Pioneer Cemetery.

Throughout October, the theme of our City of Damascus Coffee with the Council gatherings (on Friday the 4th, 11th, and 25th and Saturday the 19th at 1 PM at the meeting area by Starbucks in the Damascus Safeway) will be “Vandals and Thieves and Transients, Oh My!” We will be providing proactive tips on preventing vandalism to our homes and vehicles, information about theft prevention and recovery of stolen items, and assistance and guidance on safely dealing with homeless people in our neighborhoods.

In conjunction with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department, we will also be hosting a city-wide Neighborhood Watch informational meeting. Details are being worked out, and the time and location will be announced soon.

Do you have concerns you would like to raise? Do you have a safe activity planned and open to children in your neighborhood or throughout the city that we can promote? Do you have solutions to offer that will help others?

Please join us for one or more of the City of Damascus Coffee with the Council sessions in October. And don’t be surprised if we provide a few cookies to dunk into your coffee.

2 thoughts on “Vandals and Thieves and Transients, Oh My!

  1. You are a bunch of frauds. Please stop your stupid charade! Please let me know when the next meeting is scheduled. I plan on annocing that I am the rightful Mayor of Damascus!


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